Eye Wish was created by Hayley Hamling; first starting out as a small home-based lash studio. After a number of years of success in the lash industry, Hayley's love of all things lashes has only grown stronger.

"The problem I found with the lash industry was a lack of quality products at an affordable price. The quality products were either unreasonably expensive, or on the other side of the world (often requiring expensive shipping costs as well as a long wait for their arrival). The more affordable options were lashes that were hard and crunchy, and adhesives that contained dangerous chemicals. And so I decided to start my own search for the right product at the right price! I searched high and low, and trialed many different products, but once I came across the right ones, I knew instantly that I had found what I was looking for! And so the Eye Wish product line was born. My personal clientele noticed the difference in their lashes, and were thrilled with the results. My business boomed, and I was soon fully booked as the word spread.

Unable to take on any more clients, I created the Eye Wish store in the hopes of expanding my business and sharing my exclusive product line with other lash artists. Eye Wish products are an affordable, quality product that you and your clients will absolutely love."

Now we offer a range of eyelash extension supplies in Australia. Quality eyelash extension wholesale supplies available at affordable prices. Try our products – you will get the most of every cent you’ve spent. And that’s our promise!