D Curl Pre-made Volume Fans

Eyelash Extension Supplies in Australia
Soft, fluffy pre-made volume fans for speedy application


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Eyelash Extension Supplies in Australia

If you are not yet trained in Volume Lashes yet, but your clients want the volume look, then this is the perfect place to start!

Ultra fine lashes are already fanned and ready to go, just pick up, dip in glue, and place on the lash like you would with a single eyelash extension.

These fans are made using the most minimal amount of glue, so they are still very light, and will not weigh down the natural lash. In fact, they are lighter than a standard single 0.15 or 0.2 lash! So you can be rest assured that they will not cause damage to the natural lashes when applied correctly.

These silk lashes are extremely long lasting, soft, flexible, with a lovely subtle gloss. The flexible nature of these lashes means that the lashes will mould to the clients own lashes during application – making for a greater area of bonding between the extensions and the natural lash, giving them a much longer lifespan.

When used with our Signature Pro Adhesive, these lashes have been known to last up to 3 MONTHS!

Curl: D Curl. Please see our other listings for B and C Curl Pre-made Fans.

Thickness: Choose from 0.07 or 0.10 from the drop-down menu.

Length: Choose your length, 8-14mm, from the drop-down menu.

Fans per tray: 3D lashes have 240 fans per tray. 4D and 5D lashes have 120 fans per tray.

Fan Size

3D, 4D, 5D, 6D




8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm